fitzroy nursery

Joycey, Joycey, quite contrary, has does your garden grow?

With a little bit of help from Fitzroy Nursery, my (ever-increasing) collection of twenty-five balcony pots have been happily providing my kitchen with fragrant herbs and crisp salad leaves, even during the frosty winter months.

While the small plant punnets ($4.95) are not as cheap as IKEA ($2.70) or Bunnings ($3.88) and frankly can be a bit weak and spindly, Fitzroy Nursery has the advantage of being (a) the only place where I’ve been able to source growing sage for my pumpkin and sage risotto; and (b) the closest nursery to my house, which makes it much easier to cart home 10kg of potting mix on my bike. Also, I love that the store and outdoor garden area is an oasis of abundant greenery in amongst the flouro streetwear and S&M gear pervading that end of Brunswick Street.

Buyers tip: At the end of May every year they hold a sale to clear old stock and prepare for winter. When everything is 20% off, the prices are much more comparable to IKEA and Bunnings.

Update 30 August 2009: Every year the nursery has a show of paintings on the theme of football, just in time for the AFL finals season. This year’s Footy Show opens September 5.