This baby is now past its due date. I’ve started read articles with titles like ‘natural ways to bring on labour‘ and one of the suggestions that seems to crop up is to eat curry. I can do that! I have Fitzroy Curry House close by and the last thing I feel like doing these days is standing over a hot stove with my big belly.

Fitzroy Curry House is the sister restaurant of the original Carlton Curry House, which seems to be a favourite for University of Melbourne students. I have actually never seen anyone dine in at Fitzroy Curry House but they do a strong trade in takeaway. According to their website Carlton Curry House has been rated No. 2 Top Ten Indian restaurants in Melbourne (where is No. 1? I don’t know…) so we hoped their Fitzroy branch upheld the same level of quality.

I enlisted RM to select two dishes from the takeaway menu and he returned with Lamb Bhuna, lamb cooked with tomato, ginger and green chilli ($13.95) and Chilli Chicken, being chicken with red capsicums, chilli and ginger ($12.95). Specifying that they must be HOT.

He returned with two dishes which looked and tasted remarkably similar. This is what you get when a predominantly carnivorous non-food-blogger orders takeaway without instructions! Putting that aside, the curries were both pretty good – generous with the quantity of meat, not overcooked, with an evident complexity of spices rather than just drowning everything in oil or cream. It was sufficiently spicy too.

The only small letdown was the naan ($2) as it verged on matching the complimentary pappadams in their crispiness. I like my naan fluffier and breadier as it’s easier to mop up the sauce that way.

And did the curry have any effect? Well, I can report that the food at Fitzroy Curry House won’t bring on labour, but it still serves a decent meal in a street filled with cheap Indian restaurants.

“…It pleases us” also enjoyed her dinner at Fitzroy Curry House. And if you want a very thorough (though a little old) list of Indian restaurant reviews in Melbourne, check out Melbourne Curry Club.

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