I adore Eurodore. This is the European food and produce store that I wish I owned, with floor to ceiling shelves of prettily decorated condiment jars, bottles of oils and vinegars from Australia and overseas, good quality chocolate and enormous wheels of French cheese. What fun I’d have jaunting around Europe, sampling all the wares to bring back to my shop.

It’s clear that whoever runs this shop/cafe loves food. I was particularly impressed that some of their olive oils and vinegars can be purchased in cleanskin bottles. That means you can buy Fattorie Giacobazzi Italian balsamic vinegar in their labelled official bottles at around $12, or an equally stylish (recycleable) Eurodore bottle for $8.50. I also bought some white wine vinegar by Limoges vinegar and mustard producers Delouis Fils, bottled by Eurodore for only $8.50.