I love the arts, but for some reason I’ve never been gaga for circus (and particularly dislike burlesque). As far as circuses go though, Cirque de Soleil produces some of the best shows and this year they’ve brought their big top to Melbourne for Dralion.

Dralion takes the Chinese circus tradition and mixes it with Western dance, music and acrobatics. As such, you get your usual tiny girl contortionists and boy acrobats flipping and spinning somersaults (although they do it through tiny hoops, which is particularly impressive as they need to be very precise). It is intermingled with a spectacular trampoline act where pairs of acrobats bounce, spin and twist their way up a wall with perfect timing, an extreme juggler, an elegant aerial pas de deux and of course sprinkled with some good old-fashioned clowning around.

Boys and girls, don’t try this at home.