Say hello to my new guest blogger Brendan! He’ll be here occasionally to give you a male perspective to what’s HOT or NOT around Melbosk. A few facts about B-man:

  • He took great offence at the advertising for the Campaign for Real Beauty, going so far as to write a strident letter of complaint to Dove. I’m still unclear why;
  • He’s only one degree removed from blonde bombshell Hayden Panettiere (currently campaigning to save dolphins in The Cove), Ed Kavalee the host of TV Burp and an ex-drummer from Black Sabbath; and
  • He’s currently tossing up an idea to publish a how-to guide to dating Asian women. Potential topics include (a) the bowel issues of switching to a rice diet, (b) dealing with being the ‘big white guy who’s going to get you’ and used as a means to threaten misbehaving kids at Asian weddings; and (c) the pitfalls of learning a tonal language where ‘mother’ pronounced badly could become a disastrous ‘horse’.

Here’s Brendan’s take on Dr Follicles, the barbershop with attitude.

Dr Follices Gertrude Street Fitzroy

Barber 1: This sounds like Ozzy Osbourne

Barber 2: It is Ozzy Osbourne

Barber 1: Oh

Barber 3: Want a beer?

Me: Yep, thanks.

Barber 3: Wait wait, this is the one with the 4 man guitar solo!

Barber 2: Three man guitar solo! It’s the tracking on this recording that makes it sound bigger.

Barber 3: Ahhh nice.

Barber 1:A little more off the fringe?

Me: Yep, thanks.

I’ve never been in a rock band. I’ve always liked the idea of it but I guess it’s a question of right place right time. Heading into my 30s I would say this time, sadly, has passed. So it was a pleasant surprise to find the next best thing at Fitzroy barber shop Dr Follicles.

First imagine a room that looks like the cover of 70s glam rock album, with said album being played, on vinyl, turned up to 11. Now picture hairdressers who look like a 70s glam rock band with a modern twist, let’s call them….Wolfmother. Being the only guy seated in the room let’s call you the drummer. With minimal hair related conversation (see dialogue above), great music, a free Coopers beer and no appointments taken, Dr Follicles feels more like being a member of Wolfmother for 30 minutes than it does a tedious trip to the hairdresser.

Oh and the haircuts are good too, a cut above (pun intended) your average barber shop for sure and at $27.50 + free beer it’s pretty hard to beat.

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