Midday at family-owned Dench Bakers, and their fruit loaf was already sold out! Undeterred, I decided to taste-test one of the fruit buns instead and it was the kind of sticky-glazed bun pressed with buttons of fruit that I’d imagine featuring in an Enid Blyton book. Personally I thought it was nice but not particularly memorable.

Too much bread doesn’t usually make my tummy very happy, and as I’d also read that their spelt bread ($6.70) was worth a try, I took home a loaf to have later. It was a little bit too sour for my taste, and no tilsit cheese, pea and ham soup or praline spread could hide it.

Update: In my humble opinion, Dench Bakers produces the best mince pies in Melbourne. Granted, I haven’t eaten every mince pie in Melbourne, but I’ve eaten enough in my search for the perfect mince pies.

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