Where can one find the best cupcakes in Melbourne?

This is a question which seems to occupy a lot of space on places like the Vogue forums, and the opinions are wide-ranging and strongly held.

I don’t really have anything to contribute to the debate as frankly, I think the best cupcakes in Melbourne come from my kitchen, courtesy of the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. But failing that, I think the cupcakes made at The Cupcake Bakery rank pretty well.

Red velvet cupcakes are my favourite flavour and The Cupcake Bakery‘s version consists of a moist chocolate sponge, just the right amount of not-too-sweet cream cheese icing and a pretty sugared red heart ornament ($3.80 each).

I first popped into the The Cupcake Bakery to check out their wares after I decided to give each guest at my launch party for CycleStyle a little cupcake thank you.  They sure know how to feature their goods well, luring passersby with a window of neat cake shelves and tiers of sugary treats styled artfully on pastel stands. It’s dangerously close to my work, but except for that one occasion I’ve manage to resist its charms by averting my eyes away from the marching rows of cupcakes.

The ladies at The Cupcake Bakery on Flinders Lane were great to deal with for my bulk order of 3.5 dozen boxed cupcakes ($42 per dozen, $0.50 per box). For the Saturday party I placed my order on the Wednesday before, paid the money, they measured out the size of the ribbon that I needed to secure the boxes and the cakes were boxed and ready for pickup Saturday morning, no fuss.

Best of all, the little gift surprised and delighted my guests. Oh and I had leftovers from the party, so I can attest that the cakes hold up well even after being in the fridge for a few days and later defrosted from the freezer.

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