Sometimes a simple lunch is all I need. Somewhere quiet for me to sit with a drink, something wheat-based to satisfy afternoon hunger pangs and a touch of sweetness at the end.

Creperie Le Triskel is a cute café serving traditional Brittany crepes in Hardware Lane. The outside tables are framed by falling Autumn leaves while the inside décor is a-jumble in a cosy kind of way, with small wooden tables and a windowside bench / makeshift French library with what looks like traveller’s hand-me-downs.

The café is staffed by cheery students who have laughing rambling conversations in French and French music plays in the background. Squint and you can almost imagine yourself in a student café in the cobblestoned Marais.

The menu is divided between galettes, buckwheat pancakes with savoury toppings, then crepes, wheat pancakes with sweet fillings. Actually there are also baguettes and sandwiches but my suggestion is when in a creperie, eat crepes.

The crepes are freshly made, meaning the Swiss Gruyere in my La Korikan galette had transformed into a cheesy molten lava in amongst the mushrooms, spinach and bechamel wrapped in the thin crepe ($11). It came with a neat side salad – fresh leaves dressed with olive oil and two slices of baguette.

I followed that with a French chestnut paste crepe ($4.50) which had a slightly thicker and chewier texture that I preferred.

While I stuck to tap water the drinks list includes French sirops (cordial), pear cider and wine as well as ‘le bol cafe au lait’ – a milky latte served in a bowl just like in France.

If Creperie Le Triskel doesn’t give you enough of Gallic hit, try the pastel sugar palace called La Belle Miette next door which sells the most French of sweets, macarons.

For more crepes in the CBD, try Roule Galette and Harajuku Crepes.

Creperie Le Triskel, 32 Hardware Lane, Melbourne +61 4 6640 6404

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