It’s a testament to the power of positive reviews that a small cafe on the opposite side of the river to me, hidden in a residential area, can capture my attention such that I’ll make a special trip there early on a Sunday morning.

Such is the pulling power of Coin Laundry. Just like the sparkliest, cleanest laundry, Coin Laundry is a crispy white and vibrantly bright cafe in leafy Armadale. The space used to be occupied by, you guessed it, a laundromat, and the owners Steve Rowley and Matt Vero have cunningly retained the previous signage for their cafe.

Inside there’s no hint of dank clothes or spinning tumble-dryers – the only real remnant of its laundromat past is the use of tea towels swagged in loops from the ceiling as a clever decorative feature. Everything else is has been stripped back and replaced with a warm touch in the form of a high wooden communal table, blonde wood Thonet chairs, clean white and green tiling and a sprinkling of floral arrangements.

I perched myself at the communal table on top of a surprisingly comfortable sheet metal bar stool and perused the one-page breakfast menu. Always a sucker for beans on toast ($12.50), Coin Laundry’s version was a ‘cassoulet’ without the sausage, duck fat or white haricot beans – rather fat broad beans baked with feta with a scoop of green olive tapenade. It came on a little wooden bread-board and a big huggable white bowl, perfect for scooping up in your hands while perusing the Sunday papers.

The dish itself was warming and filling, with the beans gently soft but not to mush. My only negative was that I thought there was too much tapenade, as when it was mixed in the dish became a little too salty (but not in a gasping-for-water sort of way). The thick tomato-based sauce was perfect for dunking in the accompanying hunk of Noisette bread.

By the time I left, it was still early but the place was really starting to fill up. I had a chat to one of the friendly staff and they said that they had great intentions to bake their own bread but the unexpectedly large number of people visiting them hadn’t provided enough time for them to start doing so. That’s a good news story I like to hear.

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  • Coin Laundry, 61 Armadale St, Armadale +61 3 9500 1888

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