One of my favourite games as a kid was known as ‘travelling to new places’. Basically it involved me making a comfy hollow in my parent’s beanbag and getting in with a selection of my soft toys. I’d type my destination into an imaginary keypad, then sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. No actual driving or navigation required – hey presto! We’ve arrived!

When I told my friends about this game they mocked me mercilessly. Humph. Yet I think even those haters will adore the new 3D Pixar movie Up. It’s a fantastical story about crotchety 78 year old Carl, who decides to fly to South America after his beloved wife dies in order to fulfil their childhood dream. But he doesn’t get on a plane – he suspends his house with thousands of colourful helium balloons and floats off to Paradise Falls. How lovely to travel in the comfort of your own home!

The adventure begins when he discovers an 8 year old stowaway Russell, a pudgy and earnest Wilderness Explorer who’s desperate to achieve his last badge by assisting the elderly. They start off out of sorts with each other but as they travel to Paradise Falls they slowly form a firm friendship. En route they also meet Kevin, a giant rare colourful bird; Dug, the waggly-tailed talking dog and Carl’s childhood hero Charles Muntz, who turns out to be not what he seems.

The film is funny, charming, joyful and poignant – an absolute bundle of gorgeousness and loveliness, from beginning to end. The 3D animation really brings the rainforest landscape alive and as usual Pixar has managed to imbue animals and inaminate objects with human-like personalities. Go and see it to rediscover your childish delight.