candied bakery

Candied Bakery in Spotswood is a bakery and café that’s a direct thumb-your-nose at those I Quit Sugar acolytes. If you’re quitting sugar then steer clear – there’s too much temptation inside.

If, one other hand, you are unabashedly NOT quitting sugar then Candied Bakery is a place where sweet tooths die and go to heaven. The place is small but distinguished by bright yellow awnings and furnishings which inject the whole place with a jaunty, cheery feel.

candied bakery

And with this cake cabinet laden with delectable sweets why wouldn’t you be happy?

I like to treat myself to Candied Bakery whenever I go for a bit of a bike ride so I’ve done a lot of taste testing of their Americana inspired menu. I actually have no idea what anything costs there because I tend to order indiscriminately, picking whatever catches my eye at the counter.

candied bakery

Recently I had a slice of cherry pie that was beautifully dripping pitted cherries stuffed inside a sugar-coated shortcrust pastry shell. Oh my.

candied bakery

I’ve tried their home made hot dogs, a free range snag nestled inside a sweet brioche bun and topped with a curious mixture of kim chi and mayo. It’s not bad but it’s not fantastic either – I think next time in the savoury department I would go for the pie or sausage rolls.

candied bakery

For pastry is where the kitchen’s real skill lies. There are super-flaky high top croissants and other Danish pastries, spicy hot cross buns and their most famous baked good – the doughnuts. RM says the zuppa inglese custard doughnuts at Candied Bakery are his all-time favourite.


Candied Bakery‘s coffee comes from Espresso Syndicate, their milkshakes are pretty awesome (a slice of apple pie in a milkshake anyone) and their soft serve is super icy cold and whipped to perfection. For Easter they’re offering Hot Cross Bun soft serve, which is basically a fruity cinnamon mix and rather delicious.

candied bakery

If sweets are your thing, then get thee to Candied Bakery. Just make sure you go early because everything seems to sell out by lunchtime!

Candied Bakery, 81a Hudsons Rd, Spotswood (03) 9391 1335

Wed to Sat 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Sun 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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