The Japanese are reknowned for their quirky mash-ups of Eastern and Western culture, from costume-play to J-pop.


So it’s no surprise that someone thought “Hey, I like burgers, I like sushi – I know! A sushi burger!” This bizarre sounding ensemble consists of two sushi rice patties, special sauce, lettuce, no cheese or pickled onion, your choice of filling, all wrapped in a sheet of nori seaweed. Unlike a Big Mac, it’s made fresh to order at J Cafe Restaurant, a regular haunt of Asian international students and curious foodies like me.


Is it better than a real burger? My spicy raw salmon sushi ensemble ($6.50 takeaway) wasn’t as pretty as the eye-catching flourescent plastic display, but it was fresh and tasty and didn’t leave me burping burger breath the rest of the night.

For other cheap Japanese food nearby, try Don Don.