I didn’t realise that the Beechworth Bakery had stretched beyond to town of Beechworth to other parts of the state – but it’s pretty handy that there’s one in Healesville.

Beechworth Bakery  prides itself on being ‘Australia’s greatest bakery’. That’s a tall claim! But it is an old-fashioned bakery filled with old-fashioned  British style bakery items and queues form as a result of its reputation.

As an international guest was coming over for afternoon tea I thought the only thing to serve was lamingtons. And you can get a lamington sponge for $9.50 at Beechworth Bakery! It’s a bargain when you consider an individual lamington is around $3.

I also bought their famous vanilla slice and an Australian version of something harking back to Britain, an Eccles cake. Personally I didn’t like the layer of cream which topped the vanilla slice (I’m pretty sure that’s not traditional, right?) and the custard was nice but not outstanding. Also there was not enough of the flavour of vanilla for my liking. Sorry to be a bah hambug about the vanilla slice but I really didn’t think it worthy of its reputation.

The fruit Eccles was also a disappointment. It was a bun with apple, sultanas, currants and glazed cherries encased inside flaky puff pastry but towards the middle there was a hard knob of uncooked pastry dough that simply could not be chewed.

However, everything was redeemed by the lamington sponge. I would return to Beechworth Bakery for that delightfully light sponge dipped in chocolate and topped with desiccated coconut. I have to confess, not only did I have it for afternoon tea, I had it at dinner and then for breakfast the next day too!

Beechworth Bakery are also famous for their pies, including the Ned Kelly pie which is filled with steak, egg, bacon and cheese. What’s your favourite item from the bakery?

Beechworth Bakery, 316 Maroondah Highway, Healesville 1300 233 784

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