The day that I can walk into Babka and sit at a table straight away is the day that I buy a lottery ticket.

I’ve  given Babka a HOT previously as part of the Hot Cross Bun Challenge 2009, but I thought it deserved a separate assessment on the basis of its sit-down service and food. Especially since my friends and new Fitzroy residents Martin and Mel gave it a thumbs down, saying it was over-rated and not worth the unavoidable queues.

Babka brunswick st fitzroy

Yes I did have to wait 20 minutes on a Saturday afternoon for a crushed table for three and the service was a bit scatty, but the food made it all worthwhile. The most delectable lemon tart with crushed nuts in the base, a just-set creamy filling and a delicate crackle of brulee barely keeping the citrus wobble together ($7). A giant flaky escargot, full of buttery stickyness and plump sultanas ($4.60). A fragrant mug of Calmer Sutra fresh chai served with an enormous extra pot of foamy soy milk ($4.90). All round gorgeousness!

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