Before you fantasy/sci-fi geeks get all excited out there, today I didn’t actually get to see Avatar months ahead of its worldwide release in December (December 17 in Australia, to be precise).What I did get to see was a 20 minute preview of scenes from the hotly anticipated 3D IMAX film from uber-director James Cameron, which I predict will be the biggest release this year, if not on record.

Apparently the idea for the first came to Cameron fourteen years ago, but at that stage the technology which would enable him to fulfil his vision of complete world simply didn’t exist. Now, Aussie Sam Worthington and a host of other blue hued and tail-swishing characters are transported to another planet, Pandora, to take on the Na’vi, a humanoid race with their own language and culture.

Frankly, I couldn’t take the whole thing seriously as I thought the production of the film was eerily parallel to theĀ  Aquaman scenario in Entourage. That aside, visually the film is a stunner – lush rainforest landscapes full of flourescent colours, fantastical beasts, swooping mountains and canyons, all with the added jolt of 3D imagery. Let’s see, but it might just be the Star Wars of our time.