Music. Comedy. Musical Comedy. The greatest art form of all.

That was the premise of the two man singing and dancing extravaganza, Art v Smart Casual. Actually, it was brothers Roger David and Fletcher Jones (the latter hilariously nicknamed ‘Ginger Claus’ by the former) donning checked shirts and jeans and cracking jokes, impersonating animal noises and breaking out occasionally into song.

I think they could have upped the ante in terms of maintaining energy (more shouting, less mumbling) but some of the jokes had a lot of potential. I particularly liked their segment on ‘Avant-Garde’ (French for ‘I don’t know’), art appreciation (‘Wanna go to the pub?’ ‘Monet: No, I’m just gonna look at some water lillies’) and the song speculating about The Hawk, the love child of Stephen Hawkings and Jennifer Hawkins.