Jetsetting Joyce’s diary for this week.

Mon – blank

Tuesday – blank

Wednesday – blank

Thursday – blank

Friday – blank

Of course not! This week I’m searching for Beethoven, time travelling with Eric Bana, discussing acoustic folk pop with Anita George, going on a blind date with my new blog crush Miss Kish, listening to some stimulating and interesting talks at TEDx Melbourne and saying hi to the lovely Thread Den ladies at the Thread Den Market.

This week’s little slice of Melbourne is this amusing graffiti that I spotted recently. Any idea where it’s located?


And finally, for those heading up north, you can now find out what’s HOT or NOT in Brisbane with BNE: HOT OR NOT. You’ll find some of the content from MEL: HOT OR NOT there, as well as all new Brisbane-based content from the funky CazM, along with a rotation of guest bloggers. Check it out and let us know what you think!