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Help me Doctor!: I travel to Melbourne for a few days several times a year (for the shopping/galleries)  and on the past two trips have  had real issues with being a solo diner…

  • MoVida -was ignored and watched people being sat ahead of me, had to argue to be given a single seat available at the bar.
  • Gills Diner – ignored, then seated and ignored, then given a menu and then ignored for 20 mins before leaving in disgust.
  • Taxi – told off for walking in off the street at lunchtime without a booking, then given a table very grudgingly, although there were plenty of empty tables when I arrived and when I left.

Its great when staff are welcoming, don’t eyeroll when you say it’s just for one, don’t suggest that you eat in the cafe/bar section rather than the restaurant, don’t tell you they don’t seat single diners when its “busy” and don’t hurry you through your meal so they free up the table!

Restaurants that are always welcoming are Cicciolina, Cafe di StasioCumulus Inc, Mirka at Tolarno but I’d like to add a few more to the list. Any ideas? –  Jane

Your prescription: Hi Jane, sorry to hear that some of Melbourne’s eateries have been less than welcoming to you. Melbourne has lots of cheap and quick dining options which are good for solo diners, but from your list it sounds like you’d like some suggestions that are a little upmarket and open for dinner.

Some of these  restaurants I haven’t patronised just by myself, but they have bar-dining areas which makes me think they’re better catered for solo diners. To be honest I think if you’re eating on your own you will be moved to the bar section – often I prefer that as you can chat to the staff more easily and the people around you (if you so wish). So here goes:

Good luck! – Jetsetting Joyce