Help me Doctor!: As me and my man are trying to eat drink and live as healthy as possible after years of ABS FAB nightlife (and daylife) we are eating as much alkaline food as possible. Can you tell me where I can find places that serve alkaline diet food or sell it? If you can’t find a single thing about it… :–) Then maybe a raw food restaurant? – Kimberley-Joan

Your prescription: Hi Kimberley-Joan, being a fairly greedy omnivore I have to confess that I had to google what an alkaline diet was. Having a look at the list of alkaline foods it seems to be an approximately vegan diet.

Here’s a list of restaurants that I’ve reviewed previously which are vegan/vegetarian. Vegetarian Network Victoria has an extensive list as well.

Otherwise  a health food/organic store will probably be able to sell alkaline diet food that you’re looking for.  My regular haunts are:

Again Vegetarian Network Victoria has a list of great places to shop for vegan, vegetarian and organic goods.

As for raw food, try Le Cru (137 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park +61 3 9699 1144), as far as I can tell the only raw food restaurant in Melbourne. Here’s the review from The Age’s Epicure.

Happy health eating! – Jetsetting Joyce