NOT: Picture Me: A Model’s Diary

MIFF #4:  I am going to disclaim responsibility for choosing to see Picture Me: A Model’s Diary at 9:15pm on a school night. So RM and I were flicking through the MIFF program and he surprised me by saying that he wanted to see ‘a visual diary of Sara [Ziff]’s experiences within the sometimes glamourous, […]

NOT: Four Lions

MIFF #3: Today’s we have a guest review of the MIFF film and upcoming general release, Four Lions, from Yalin, who saw it in the UK several months ago. Friends J+B were at the MIFF screening last night and thought that it was very funny and effective – a HOT. I have a preview pass […]

NOT: The Red Chapel

MIFF #2: I had high hopes for the Danish documentary The Red Chapel. Described as ‘a subversive comedy tour through North Korea’ and winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, I was expecting lots of laughs and a rare glimpse into an insular society built on the personality cult of […]

HOT: Teenage Paparazzo

MIFF #1: OK, I confess that I booked Teenage Paparazzo because Adrian Grenier aka Vinnie Chase from Entourage, was the director of the documentary and presenting the film at the festival. Regardless of my groupie-dom, Teenage Paparazzo is an enjoyable film reflecting on the nature of celebrity, society’s insatiable appetite for gossip, why we care […]

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