Mr Burger food truck

My local council City of Yarra doesn’t really like food trucks, so when one is actually approved to come to my neighbourhood I get disproportionately excited.

And when I found out that Mr Burger was going to be pulling up down the street I was like a kid within earshot of the tinkling of Greensleeves, chasing it down on my bike to buy the perfect rainy Sunday night dinner.

I like a place that focuses its efforts on a simple menu and Mr Burger serves just three burgers and two sizes of chips.
We tried the Mr Burger – a traditional beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle combo ($9) and the Mr Meat which is much the same (sans tomato) and adds bacon, barbecue sauce and caramelised onions ($10).

Mr Burger food truck

 Both burgers were made with a squishy sesame-seed sprinkled brioche bun and the meat patties were good, but not as thick and juicy as I usually like. Both RM and I preferred the more interesting flavours of the Mr Meat and I reckon it’s worth the extra dollar.

The chips ($3-$5) were pretty standard specimens except that they were noticeably over-seasoned. RM loves salty chips and even these were too salty for him and my lips tingled for some time afterwards from the stinging quantity of salt.

After a bit of deliberation I’ve decided to give Mr Burger a NOT – not because they served bad burgers or bad chips, but because I failed to get excited by their food. The burgers and chips were pretty standard fare and I don’t think particularly worth chasing down, which is half the fun of following the food truck trail. If I was at home and craved a takeaway burger then I’d prefer to hit up what I consider to be Melbourne’s gold standard burger joint instead.