The Brothers Bloom is a light-hearted caper film filled with lovable characters, fiendish rogues, an outlandish cross-continental storyline and sight gags galore.

The story starts with Stephen (Mark Ruffalo) and Bloom (Adrien Brody), two orphaned brothers who first discover the satisfaction of conning others as young kids. Shunted to yet another foster home in a small town and as revenge for being cast as ‘outsiders’, they construct a way to swindle the neighbourhood’s children out of their pocket money with an elaborate story about a hermit in a cave. For a moment even Bloom believes the tale, and you realise that he’s not a natural liar, unlike his wily brother.

Cycle forward to the brothers as adults and they’ve become international con artists, accompanied by their silent, kooky Japanese sidekick Bang Bang. They’re about to embark on their final con  – to deceive a beautiful and eccentric heiress of her fortune (Rachel Weisz). However, the ‘perfect con’ takes many twists and turns and things are never quite as they seem.

The Brothers Bloom is saved from becoming mindless dross thanks to the engaging performances. Every one seemed like they were having a ball in the madcap story and I thought that Rachel Weisz was particularly adorable as she fell in (inevitable) love with Bloom. The Brothers Bloom is the perfect Friday night film for taking away your work-day cares.

PS If you look carefully you’ll see that Stephen writes down all of his con ideas in a Moleskine, my favourite notebooks and diaries! If you’re also a fan of Moleskine, I recommend you buy them online from Book Depository UK – free worldwide shipping and half to a third off the RRP in Australia.