Breizoz, cnr Gertrude and Brunswick St Fitzroy

A little piece of Brittany can be found on Fitzroy in the form of Breizoz. This rustic, verging on twee creperie serves a large selection of sweet and savoury buckwheat crepes as well as specialising in French cider. The service was a little scatterbrained when I arrived on a rainy Saturday afternoon, but after I placed my order my merguez and tomato crepe ($11.50) arrived quickly with my non-alcoholic apple cider ($3).

While my crepe was perfectly cooked, Breizoz gets a NOT simply because I don’t think it represents value for money.  My fillings were toppings (correct me if this is the Breton way to serve crepes) and I literally received one emanciated sausage with a couple of tablespoons of spicy tomato sauce. If you’re the slightest bit hungry, I don’t think even two crepes would be enough, so a full meal with a drink could set you back anything from $20-$30.

I think you’ll find better crepes at Roule Galette and Harajuku Crepes.