Breadwell? BreadNOT.

This small café is popular with the lawyer/banker crowd down towards the Paris end of Collins St, and I’m not sure why because the food that L and I had for lunch was pretty poor.

Breadwell, 135 Flinders Lane, Melbourne Hot or Not review

To whit – Breadwell’s ‘famous’ spicy meatballs with pasta ($20) and green lentil dahl with yoghurt and crispy (huh?) chapatti ($14). L’s dahl was so sweet it was like eating one of those Asian bean desserts. She said it was passable but now she knew why her friends had dismissed Breadwell as a lunch venue when she’d suggested it previously.

Breadwell, 135 Flinders Lane, Melbourne Hot or Not review

My dish was a gigantic mound of pasta with equally huge meatballs. As I bit into one of the ‘spicy meatballs’, I discovered absolutely no spice whatsoever and in fact detected the rather off-putting taste of sub-standard mince. ‘I’ve made better meatballs! ‘ I thought as I pushed them aside and dug into the fresh tomato sugo instead.

To add insult to injury after our disappointing lunch, I’m not kidding – I broke out into a fat sweat as soon as I got back to the office. And that’s not good for open plan.

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