HOT: LuxBite x N2 Extreme Gelato Melbourne x Uber Melbourne

As far as marketing stunts go, the collaboration between dessert specialists LuxBite, ice cream laboratory N2 Extreme Gelato and premium taxi service Uber Melbourne is a deliciously fun one. For this weekend only (Friday 30 August to Sunday 1 September), Malaysia’s kaya coconut jam will be featured in two special ice-cream dishes at two Malaysian-run […]

HOT: Travelling Samovar, 412 Rathdowne St, North Carlton

After years, nay decades, of being a coffee-mad town, Melbourne seems to have really started embracing the ancient ritual of tea-drinking with specialist tea shops starting to pop up. The latest addition is Travelling Samovar, a beautifully decorated and cosy tea house in North Carlton. The two-roomed shop feels part Middle Eastern, part Asian and part […]

HOT: Shop Ramen, 329 Smith St, Collingwood

My food-loving, Japanophile parents are visiting at the moment so there was no doubt where we’d be heading for lunch once I told them about Shop Ramen. The specialist ‘Ramen + Buns + Pie’ shop opened up on eat street Smith Street just over a week ago and the word has already spread about this […]

HOT: Jimmy Grants, 113 Saint David St, Fitzroy

I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited anticipating the opening of a souvlaki joint before. But I was intrigued when I noticed the old Peter Watson site being renovated into something bearing mysterious plus and minus symbols – and then I realised that George Calombaris was coming to Fitzroy with Jimmy Grants. Jimmy Grants is […]

HOT: Young Bloods Diner, 60 Rose St, Fitzroy

Young Bloods Diner has just opened on the site of the popular weekend Rose Street Artists Market and given the paucity of truly child-friendly (as opposed to just child-tolerant) cafes in ever-gentrifying Fitzroy I think it’ll do really well.  It’s not all about the rugrats though – the setting and menu, not to mention the liquor licence, […]

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